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Approach Digital is a top Social Media Marketing company based in Hyderabad. We offer customized social media marketing services to our clients that fulfill all their needs without costing them the earth. Our social media marketing is a research-based, data-driven strategy that helps you magnify your business presence across different social platforms on the internet.

We execute social media campaigns on all the top platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. We analyze your unique business needs and design a personalized social media marketing plan for you that helps you enhance your brand visibility and increase your audience engagement.

Improve You Social Media Presence With Social Media Marketing Services

Want to keep your customers hooked to your brand? We'll help. With our carefully crafted social media marketing strategies, your business rocks among your audience.

Did you know that over 4.55 billion people use social media? That is more than half of the population of Earth.

On average, each of these users has 7.6 social media accounts and engages on them for about 2 hours and 36 minutes every day.

140 million people spend at least one minute daily on Facebook consuming watch content.

2 people join LinkedIn every second.

The average of over 1 billion monthly active users of Instagram spends 17 minutes daily on the app.

You must be thinking, why we are bombarding you with so many numbers?

Well, that's because…

80% of users on Instagram follow a business.

72% of B2C businesses leverage Facebook for social advertising.

67% of B2B businesses use Twitter to market themselves.

And that's not it. Tons of other social media stats are there to blow your mind.

But you got the point!

Having a robust social media presence is mandatory these days for your business to succeed. There are countless examples of brands leveraging the power of social media to expand their empire and increase their revenue.

And you can be one of them too!

How? By working with a social media marketing company that understands your business and formulate the right strategies for you to connect with your customers.

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Why Choose Approach Digital for Social Media Marketing Services?

There are a lot of agencies/companies offering social media marketing services. But not all of them can hack your social media marketing the way it needs to be.

That's because every business has unique goals, a unique voice, and a unique audience. Leveraging social media as a business means showing where your customers are.

For that, you don't have to be present on every social media platform on the earth and perform averagely on all of them.

Instead, you need to use and maintain a robust presence on only those platforms where your audience is most active.

That's the only sure-shot way of success on social media.

We plan all our client's social media marketing campaigns after analyzing their business and understanding their audience. Our team of experts optimizes your social media to generate maximum engagement and deliver the highest return on investment.

And we do it all with flexible plans that suit your budget and let you gain the worth of every penny spent.

Here is what we do best!

How we'll work together

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  • Instagram Marketing Services

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  • Social Media Optimization Services

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  • Facebook Marketing Services

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  • Social Media Optimization

    Social Media Optimization

    We create & optimize every aspect of your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest accounts to enhance their authority, trust, and consistency.

  • Social Bookmarking

    Social Bookmarking

    Using social bookmarking sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, we help your website drive more traffic.

  • Social Media Management

    Social Media Monitoring

    We analyze your social media thoroughly by keeping a close eye on every engagement on your posts and mentions about you on other channels to review your performance from time to time.

  • Quora Marketing Services

    Forum Marketing

    By participating in online discussions on platforms like Quora and Reddit, we multiply your brand presence.

  • Social Media Consulting

    Social Media Consulting

    Our team of expert social ninjas study your social media and devise strategies that help you achieve your social media goals in the shortest time frame possible.

  • Social Media Analytics & Reporting

    Social Media Analytics & Reporting

    Our social media marketing is driven by analytics and insights that equip you with the necessary data needed to make informed decisions.

  • Facebook Marketing Services

    Facebook Marketing Services

    We offer full-service Facebook marketing solutions that help you connect with your target audience and convert them into customers.

  • Instagram Marketing Services

    Instagram Marketing Services

    From creating appealing photos to engaging videos, we develop unique content that works as a magnet for your brand to attract audiences.

  • Twitter Marketing Services

    Twitter Marketing Services

    We plan strategies that help you grow your follower size and increase your engagement rate on Twitter for the organic growth of your business.

  • LinkedIn Marketing Services

    LinkedIn Marketing Services

    We develop a professional presence of your business socially through our solid LinkedIn marketing services that help you boost brand awareness.

Got questions in your mind about Social Media Marketing ?

Refer to these FAQs.

Why small businesses need social media marketing services?

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization is simply the process of optimization of your social media profiles to enhance your brand visibility. It involves the use of automated software along with captivating content that delivers value and engages the audience.

How SEO differs from Social Media

Search Engine Optimization deals with the process of helping the website rank high on the search engine results page. It is a persistent process that involves in-depth optimization of every aspect of your website. While, Social Media Optimization helps increase your brand's presence across different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social bookmarking sites like Quora, StumbleUpon, and Reddit

Why do I need Social Media services?

Social media optimization services help you establish a strong brand presence that helps you drive more traffic to your website and generate more leads for your business. With SMO optimized profiles, your online business brings in the results faster.

What are the different techniques used in Social Media Optimization?

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing companies?

Turn Your Followers into Customers

Social media has the power to make or break your business. Take the first step towards making with our result-oriented social media marketing plans that help your business create a digital impact.

We undertake that all information shared with us maintains absolute privacy. All particulars provided are kept 100% confidential and distributed to Approach Digital team members if deemed necessary. Request for a Non-Disclosure Agreement if needed.
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